Certificate of Achievement in Multimedia

Multimedia, Certificate of Achievement

Upon successful completion of the Certificate of Achievement in Multimedia the student will demonstrate skills, knowledge, and training necessary for entry-level employment in the specialty areas of the digital media industry: digital imaging, computer art, multimedia journalist, digital photographer, marketing advisor, newspaper videographer, page designer, audio engineer, web designer, and audio/video post production. Students will work in a manner that mirrors industry standards and will build a professional portfolio that will help them pursue jobs in their field as well as higher education.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will exhibit professional behavior and work ethic, as well as demonstrate the ability to design multimedia projects that communicate specific ideas.
  2. Students will demonstrate competency using information and technology in the multimedia platform.
  3. Students will demonstrate an awareness of a variety of software used in multimedia production and the ways that this software can be integrated in the development of projects.

Major Requirements – Core

Complete 31 units

GRART 1A Digital Imaging 3
GRART 3A Computer Art 3
MCOM 1 Intro to Mass Communication 3
MCOM 10 Intro to Multimedia 3
MCOM 11 Newswriting 3
PHOTO 1A Intro to Photography 3
PHOTO 3A Intro to Digital Photography 3
RTV 11 Fundamentals of Audio Production 3
RTV 21 Fundamentals of Video Production 3

Minimum Units Required: 31
Complete all courses with a grade of “C” or better.